Community Fundraising


The People's Trust Fund

The PROM Fund is open to individuals, groups and organizations that challenge the current unjust economic, environmental and social systems while working towards social, economic or environmental justice. The trust funds exists to support projects that are often unable to obtain mainstream sources of funding. We support projects and initiatives that are achieved through creative resistance, direct action, education, and community-building.  


Past Causes

The Torch: Igniting Resistance 2010 magazine

Under the Volcano Festival

Grassroots Women – Women’s Liberation Studies course

Native 2010 Resistance project

Temporary Autonomous Shelter Collective

The Bus Riders Union

Unist'ot'en Camp

Salish Sea Swim & Floatilla
Good Night Out

and countless smaller creative resistance projects


Check back for 2020 funding application!

Or email us to learn more at How will your organization use funds from the People’s Prom to RESIST and take direct action towards change?!!